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February 20, 2014


Drake Whitker (5 yrs old)

  • 2012 Audi Q5, White
    Illinois license plate #R843615

The 5 year old child was abducted during a carjacking. The vehicle is a WHITE 2012 AUDI Q5 Illinois license R843615. IF YOU HAVE ANY INFORMATION PLEASE CONTACT 911.

With sickening regularity the news reports on children being assaulted, mothers being attacked, shomes invaded and weather disasters are happening more and more frequently. The last few years I have found myself wishing I was able to do more.

Once again, it was discovered that a registered sex offender was working with a church youth group in North Carolina. According to news reports the church leadership didn't know the 53-year-old Steven Lennard Johnson was a former sex offender. Neither did his wife. This is just irresponsible. It is simple to check if someone is a registered sex offender - there are even free apps that will send this information directly to your phones. There is just no excuse.

Finding a Sex Offender Map

Michael Madison sex offenderPolice Capture Sex Offender

The police in East Cleveland have discovered the bodies of three women and a registered sex offender has been arrested. This is just one more example of why people need to check their local sex offender map. Federal law has made it easy to discover registered sex offenders that live in your area. There are dangerous people living among us and thankfully, the government has provided a way that we can protect ourselves. All sex offenders are required to register in each State's sex offender retistry. They register either after release from prison or after moving to a new address. This provides an easy way for anyone to look up and identify any sex offenders living near them.

The best and easiest solution is to have an alert sent to your phone or email any time a registered sex offender moves into your neighborhood.

The most disturbing trend that I have ever noticed is the increasing number of reported child abductions and sexual assualts. Sex offenders are people (mostly men) that have been release from jail after serving time for some kind of sexual crime. Anyone that has been convicted of sexually abuse of children must register with the state. Nobody wants these people living around them and each community requires they report where they live.

Is the Chicago sex offender map broken?

When was the last time you looked at a sex offender map for your neighborhood?

Convicted sex offenders continue to move freely within communities, including in restricted areas, despite laws designed to limit their movements. - Crime Modeling and Mapping Using Geospatial Technologies ISBN:978-94-007-4996-2

Children are most vulnerable to people they already know. This could be family members, parents and siblings of their friends and friends of their parents. Your child is at risk - you can read up on how to protect your child or ignore the risks. Everything will be as right as rain in the morning. Huh?

List of Sex Offender Registries by State

States and communities keep track of the whereabouts of sex offenders and make this information publically available. This means that anyone can make a search to discover if there is a preditor living next door.

Police Arrest Child Kidnapper

Police arrest Dominick Jerome Hawkins for kidnapping and rape of a local 5 year old girl. Hawkins lived near the family of the girl.

Tornado Warning

I am going to talk about violence, storms and ways we can protect ourselves and our loved ones. Some stories will be horrific – they should offend reasonable people, but it needs to be discussed. When children are not safe our entire future is at risk. When a tornado can rip through a community killing many – their futures were ended. So, what is this site about? It’s about our future and protecting it.

Some solutions are free. Strangly enough, many people will not take advantage of free weather alerts or other similar offrings - even though these alerts could save their life.

Free Alerts

Oklahoma has been hit especially hard this year by tornados. Many adults and children have lost their lives and others have lost their possessions. My family lives in Nebraska and they experience the threat of tornados every year. Modern weather technology has made a huge impact on the number of lives lost, but the threat is still real. Tornado warning systems are freely available and anyone living in tornado country needs to have a warning system in place.

It is possible that living for a long period of time among the rubble from a disaster, as was the case for the Iowan residents for two years after the tornado, increases defensiveness and perhaps denial about the risks from future storms

Living in denial will not save your family if a large tornado strikes. There is just no excuse to be caught unaware with the high tech tornado warning systems and public safety alerts. Especially when having a tornado warning alert sent directly to you is free.

How Prepared are You?

On June 17 in a relatively calm Walmart an angry man followed a young mother with two children. At a point when the mom was steps away, the man strode over and pulled her 2 year old daughter from the shopping cart. Thus began a nightmare, a worst case scenario for any parent. Her child was being held with a knife to her belly and sometimes throat. Fortunately, it ended well for the mother. The evil man – not so well. See the video below:

DIY Safety Alerts

Everyone knows the distinctive loud tone that occasionally interrupts television and radio shows to test the emergency broadcast system. Most everyone has also been watching TV when a weather warning was printed across the screen telling people to take shelter. These public safety alerts have been invaluable over the decades in saving lives. But, times change and today fewer and fewer people are spending time watching traditional television. Modern ways of alerting the public are being developed that take into account the various methods that people consume entertainment or connect socially.

Video Of Walmart Kidnapping

A local sex offender map provides clues to why a suspect held a two-year-old child hostage inside a Wal-Mart Neighborhood Market. On Friday the Midwest City police department released video of the deadly encounter.

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